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Do you know, where your roots are?
During the harvest festival in Schledehausen in 2001 I experienced an exciting piece of news in a short talk to the minister. In the proximity of Schledehausen there is the small village called Deitinghausen. There has been a farm "Deitemeyer" for some centuries. A Meier in Deitinghausen - that means a Deitemeyer!? I have already written about it on the page "our name". I absolutely wanted to get to know the village and the farm, in order to find out a little more about the origin of the surname "Deitemeyer". [map]


A picturesque landscape- forests,
hills and fields seam the way, which I drove along from Schledehausen to Deitinghausen. When I arrived on the farm, I was welcomed by a board on the gable of the farmhouse with the inscription:

Friedrich Deitemeyer
Elise Deitemeyer
Geb. Hanrath
Anno 1905

On the bar of a stable building there is to be read:

Caspar Adam Deitmann (Deitemeier?) and Catharina Angel Duvendock large is the profit

... surely a much older certification of the fact that on this farm generations of Deitemeyers had lived. The Colon (owner of the farm) and his wife were born around 1770. The way of writing of the surname is a bit strange, but in former times there was no uniform orthography,they often wrote as simply as they spoke. Today the family Niemann lives on the farm, whose ancestors were those Deitemeyers. They welcomed me warmly and I found out a lot about the life of the Deitemeyers on this farm.

left: The farm "Deitemeyer" in Deitinghausen
right: The car hall on the farm

Of course it is only an assumption at the moment, that the name Deitemeyer developed on this farm in Deitinghausen. If it is possible, I would like to find out about it. Perhaps all the Deitemeyers come from this farm and would be related to each other. Up to now I couldn't find out common ancestors of the family Niemann and my family. (August 2002)


(December 2002) After some days in the archives I have discovered the relationship between my family and the Niemann family in Deitinghausen. My great-grandfather of 5th degrees, [Johann Hermann Philipp Deitemeier], was the brother of the Colon Caspar Adam Deitemeier.

[Anna Dedingmeyer and her husband Frantz] (born at 1605) are the oldest known ancestors of the Deitemeyer family till now. All Deitemeyers which I have discovered in the church registers, are related with this ancestor. Of course this fact confirmed my assumption, that all Deitemeyers come from the farm in Deitinghausen.

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